At Amêndoas do Brasil, since our foundation, we have a clear vision of our role as a changing agent, both in the workplace and in our community.

That is why we don't measure efforts to make sure that, in addition to high quality products, we also make people happy and help to develop a community that supports and values the company's activities.

We are building a great legacy of trust, respect and people development.

We have embedded into our organizational culture the promotion of education, health and well-being of our employees and we count on a qualified team ready to build a better place to work on a daily basis.

Food Safety

Food Safety is a set of practices adopted to avoid any harm to consumers' health and it's assured when the food is prepared and consumed as intended.


Here, we adopt several measures to guarantee the safety of our products combined with good manufacturing practices. For example, we have the UV system - which eliminates microorganisms and the X-ray equipment and Metal Detector eliminating physical contaminants.


We have NON-GMO certification for our nuts, assuring they are not genetically modified.

FSSC 22000

We are FSSC 22000 certified, the highest standard food certification, what guarantees that we follow strict quality standards in our manufacturing site.


Our quality process begins on the field, where we follow up on the harvest in all the regions we operate, we verify the quality of the raw material and the practices applied on the orchards. We also invest on the organic certification of our partners.

RespectING THE environment

In addition to not allowing GMO cashew nuts into our supply chain, the cashew orchards are free from pesticides and the raw material goes through rigorous sorting and analysis stages, assuring top quality products from the ground up.

We do respect the environment and it begins with the way cashew nuts are handled. We simply use everything! The nuts are distributed to makets around the world, while the shell is used to produce nut shell liquid, which is a brown oil with many applications, and the residues are directed to generating energy that pumps the processing line.

Besides, we regularly control the emission of gases and any effluents.


Health and well-being

We offer extensive health care through an internal structure with offices with General Practitioners, Gynecology and Obstetrics, which guarantee to employees a thorough health care.

Other health-related services offered to our employees include Fonoaudiology, Physioherapy, regular workplace exercises, ergonomics care, vaccination campaigns, educational lectures, healthy eating and sports activities like soccer, jogging and zumba classes.

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