Our goal is to cause a positive change in everything we do


Our operations follow strict environmental standards in the treatment of water and air, while continuously monitoring and minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide.

Aproveitamento Total da Castanha

O processamento da castanha de caju não deixa resíduos no meio ambiente. Toda a castanha é aproveitada, seja como alimento, biomassa - para geração de energia - ou como insumo industrial que possui diversas aplicações, como o óleo da castanha de caju, o LCC.

Ou seja, zero resíduos e 100% de aproveitamento.

Energia Limpa

Seguindo com nossos compromisso de sustentabilidade, a partir do 2° semestre de 2017, 100% da energia contratada terá como fonte principal a energia eólica.

Responsabilidade social


Além da saúde física também atuamos para desenvolver internamente nossos colaboradores, oferecendo treinamentos e cursos de aperfeiçoamento. Temos orgulho de ter alfabetizado mais de 320 pessoas no nosso programa de educação continuada.

Saúde e bem-estar

Nós oferecemos um cuidado especial aos nossos colaboradores. Atendimento médico, fisioterapia, ginástica laboral e acompanhamento contínuo as gestantes são alguns dos compromissos.


The processing of our cashews does not leave residues in the environment. All the nuts are harvested, either as food, biomass for energy generation - or as an industrial input that has several applications, such as nut shell oil (LCC).

That is, zero waste and 100% utilization.

clean ENERGY

Continuing with our commitment to sustainability, starting in the second semeter of 2017, 100% of the electricity contracted will come from wind energy sources.

Social Responsability


In addition to physical health, we work hard on the development of our employees, offering training and improvement courses. We are proud to have helped over 320 employees lean to read and write through our continued education program.


We offer special care to our employees. Medical care, physical therapy, workplace exercise and continuous assistance to pregnant employees are some of the commitments.


Food Safety consists of a set of practices adopted to avoid any event that may compromise the product's integrity during its processing and ultimately be of harm to consumers' health. These precautions are deeply embedded into our culture, reflecting in the product quality that we offer.



UV Sterilization allows for the elimination of microorganisms that may be present in the nuts. This step is key to making sure the product is free from any bacteria or fungus that may compromise the product quality.


The X-ray eliminates any physical contaminants that may be present in the nuts being processed. It identifies even the smallest foreign bodies among the nuts, guaranteeing a high quality and the integrity of each nut.



The metal detection system is used to ensure compliance with food safety inspection standards, industrial guidelines and legislation. Here, ferrous and even non-ferrous materials are identified and taken away.


Our nuts are vacuum packaged in various packaging sizes and types, what assures not only flexibility, but a longer shel-life.


Our cashew nuts undergo rigorous analysis and selection processes to ensure the highest quality of the product. Our process is automated and has high technology devices, which ensure total security.


For the past 25 years, we have been building relationships with Brazilian growers all the way from Bahia to Maranhão. As a reinforcement measure for the supply of nuts, we established in 2012 an operation in Côte d'Ivoire, the world's largest producer of cashew nuts, to bring raw material to process along with the Brazilian harvest, so we are able to supply our customers in Brazil and around the world top quality products throughout the year.

"We are always concerned about raising our employees' satisfaction and, therefore, we stand for respect, transparency, flexibility, development and care about people, having ethics as our main value."
Antônio José Carvalho
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